Post-graduate life

You would think that post-graduate sets us for life with a five digit bank balance, designer stilettos to work, hundred dollar suits, high rolling cars, a gentleman by your side, fancy dinner every night, and a whole lot of conversations with drinks in our hands.


Deserving decisions.

"Have you decided what bag you want?" -Dad Know that he is very conservative so this question is for an up coming graduation gift Yes father, thanks for asking. I had this list since I was like fourteen. Chanel Classic Flap Lambskin in black with SHW, £3990 (photo credit) Ah, the Chanel Classics. I've been eyeing them since… Continue reading Deserving decisions.

Winter is coming…

... to an end. Winter break that is. How has life been since realising I'm in my final year of this stepping stone into the working life? Like. this.: "Kasse R.Barthu. Sohn" translation: ridiculously crazy. From missing a deadline to getting lost in Selfridges on boxing day, here are my pretty boring Winter break's in and out!… Continue reading Winter is coming…