begin again


This isn’t something new to me. This was something I did A LOT when I was 14, 15 years old -back when everyone else was doing it too -even my mom! Who honestly got me started writing my mind out in the first place. Back when this was cool. But eventually I stopped. I realised my post were nags and rants about school and relationships, and amusingly, my peers, schoolmates, and others out there read it. I also had a chatbox on it where people left either nice comments or hateful ones. I was a blogger on til I was about 16. I can’t even remember the title of my blog. All I can remember is my domain: -what a mouthful!

I had a tumblr blog too til I was about 20. I cut it out of my life because I was damn addicted to it. I wasn’t always blogging, but I was obsessively reblogging! I was constantly on tumblr reblogging post of things I’ll never own, looks I’ll never be, and places I can only dream of ever going. And worst -I was doing it in my lectures, on the way to lectures, in the car when my sister drives, before I sleep, when I wake up, I probably reblogged them in my sleep too -which accounts for all those dreams where I went shopping and bought loads of stuff only to wake up disappointed. I couldn’t contain myself. I had to stop. And so I reluctantly deleted my six years old tumblr account: Highway Railtracks.

A year ago I made a new tumblr account, but it felt different. I wasn’t following the same people I was six years ago who made me so addicted to it -people who love my post or reporst weren’t following me back.. It was boring. It was different. It didn’t feel the same as Skyway Intensity a.k.a which was the name of my old blog. Ever since then I never got on it. I forgot I even had it til I received an email from tumblr saying “bel turned 1”. Wow. Well.

I don’t honestly know why I decided to start blogging again. Maybe I just wanted to share my thoughts on the world and stuff, or just write my mind out. I always thought there isn’t a point of posting something that nobody cares about or will never read or even look at. But Alfie tells me that that isn’t the point. If you feel like it post it, just do so. So here I am, writing my thoughts away, again.

Well. then.

Now what?