Totes Random

I want a new tote bag.

Brand, type, kind, colour? To be announced.

I just want a new tote bag. I had the Michael Kors Safiano Jet Set laptop bag in Red which I got for Business College back in 2013. I loved it. Loved. Past tense. Why? because overtime the bag was just weighing me down. Its a laptop bag, but works as a travel tote bag too. But once I had my laptop in it, I wasn’t be able to put all my other twenty junks in! It. WEIGHS. A. LOT. Its like I’m carrying a bag full of stones! After 4 months wear, I gave up. I couldn’t. No. It was such a convenient bag. Convenient, but uncomfortable. And so I left it at home, in my wardrobe, and it never saw daylight again. I ended up selling it after a few months since it was just sitting there in the back of my wardrobe. sigh.

Til next thoughts!



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