Winter is coming…

… to an end.

Winter break that is.

How has life been since realising I’m in my final year of this stepping stone into the working life?

Like. this.:


“Kasse R.Barthu. Sohn”

translation: ridiculously crazy.

From missing a deadline to getting lost in Selfridges on boxing day, here are my pretty boring Winter break’s in and out!


  • Travel
  • Work on my research
  • Complete my assignments on time -one of them!


  • Winter Wonderland
  • Boxing Day
  • Worked on my assignment
  • Day trip to Leeds
  • Fancy dinner
  • Christmas dinner
  • New Years’ Afternoon tea
  • Fireworks at the Coca Cola London Eye
  • Nandos

Travelling. Why didn’t I. Again. Ugh. A few people I know went traveling this winter break. I too were going to tag along a good friend of mine but didn’t get to in the end –it was completely last minute. I basically invited myself since my plans to Paris had to be put on hold. Been on hold. Probably still on hold. Yet again, I always thought that coming to England would mean that I get to go travelling around Europe every term break. Jokes on me, I’m in my last semester and I’ve been to none.

The Jury’s justification are as follow:

  • You can’t go on your own.
    • Its just on a train to Paris, your honour.
  • You’ve been to Disneyland before.
    • I was nine, your honour.
  • Who are Milan, Rome, and Florence?
    • Cities, your honour. Not people. (I basically didn’t have a group (of minimum three people) to go with)
  • Ask Joss to take you.
    • The witness is absent, your honour.
  • Do you have the sufficient amount of fund required for the duration of your travels?
    • Negative, your honour. Remember: Dad is paying for your education, not your vacation.

Case closed.

I honestly don’t know why I’ve never come about planning an actual-proper trip. All I want to do is just get a one way ticket and roam around Europe til I’m on my last cash for a flight back to London. Also, term breaks are very rushed for me. I barely do any work so I’m always working on my work. I procrastinate a LOT. God knows where my work will be if I went on holiday! So my holiday plans get pushed back to the Summer. Sometimes I feel like giving up on the uni-in-england-travel-thing people do. I want to travel and see the world, but I also want to do it with my best friend, when I am financially stable, and one when my parents can’t say no to. I am merely living off my dad so any trip planned would have to be on tight budget and for fewer days -thanks but no thanks. Besides, I hate having to rush trips where I can barely see anything -which is what I imagined my winter/spring trips would look like. All I can do now is save up for longer travels. And also pray that my money doesn’t travel first.


Spring is just around the gardens.

Time to head back to reality! Back to six dreadful weeks til I end the chapter of my undergraduate life.

until my next ramble,



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