Pink slippered all contained

Watching this film reminds me of us. And it wasn't a favourite until I met you, until I met us. I know we ask ourselves almost all the time, "Why me?". Constantly wondering and questioning the same things: why or how we've end up here, together, this long, this apart, for five years.


Deserving decisions.

"Have you decided what bag you want?" -Dad Know that he is very conservative so this question is for an up coming graduation gift (insya Allah!) Yes father, thanks for asking. I had this list since I was like fourteen. Chanel Classic Flap Lambskin in black with silver metal, £3990 (photo: Ah, the Chanel Classics. I've been eyeing… Continue reading Deserving decisions.

Winter is coming…

... to an end. Winter break that is. How has life been since realising I'm in my final year of this stepping stone into the working life? Like. this.: "Kasse R.Barthu. Sohn" translation: ridiculously crazy. From missing a deadline to getting lost in Selfridges on boxing day, here are my pretty boring Winter break's in and out!… Continue reading Winter is coming…