Who is she?

Ever thought to yourself how the littlest things may bring many wonders? Perhaps that’s how you ended up here.

23 year old. completely random, collected and just about sane enough to battle through my final year of college while writing about all the little things that makes me wonder making me want to wander. I’d say I’m more on the life and style blog-end: from my favourite handbag piece to my favourite place in the world, filled with the things I love like cafes, fashion (in particular handbags and shoes) and beauty.


24 year old still random, collected, and still sane enough to battle through short-term employment while working on my long term goals. Still writes about the most odd and random-est things ever.

My boyfriend gave me the idea to share what I love online. So I decided to start this blog to express my love for all things pretty! I mean, beauty and fashion, and use it as a platform to discover more mind-likes.

My post are anonymous for the sole reason that I’d like to write and no one knowing, and I plan it to stay that way. I feel that if I show too much of myself, I would then be writing to impress people. I’m writing for myself -it’s kind of a therapy really. So, welcome to my unscripted, authentic, random, boring blog!

Thank you for dropping by!